Expansion of the Center

The Center’s Expansion

Dhamma Santi will enter a renovation and general maintenance period in September 2019. Construction will be: cells, feminine suites and bathroom, as well as server accommodation. Besides improving our structure to better receive students and servers, these renovations will help foster ideal conditions for long courses of 20, 30 and 45 days.

Depending on donations received, some or all of these projects will be undertaken:


• 16 cells (8 female & 8 male) – with this increase we will have a total of 30 cells for men and 30 for women allowing a higher number of students in long courses. We currently have accommodation for 29 male students, but only 22 cells.
R$ 133,364.00

• 08 Female Suites – currently in long courses we have individual accommodation for 22 female students. With the addition of 8 new cells and 8 new suites we can individually accommodate 30 female students in long courses.
R$ 204,871.00

• Server accommodations – currently 8 servers share a single room with 4 bunk beds, a situation far from ideal. The new building will be on two floors, with independent entrances: the upper floor would house single rooms with a shared bathroom and the lower floor, a laundry space, a warehouse and a workshop. At this stage of the Renovation, only foundations, the structure and floor of the downstairs would be made, to be completed in a future phase.
R$ 290,424.00

• New female communal bathroom + 1 communal room – the current bathroom does not adequately meet student demand during rest periods and especially during group meditation courses, leading to constant delays. The proposal is to transform the larger female dormitory room into a new bathroom and to build another room to better accommodate.
R$ 62,049.00

During the works, from 10/09 to 10/12, we will be in a service period with gardening activities, maintenance, organization, etc. It is possible to serve part time. Register here.

IMPORTANT: Please enter your period of stay on the registration form.

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